Custom Conversions

We can also convert trailers, busses and Recreational Vehicles into mobile driving simulator classrooms. I currently own and operate 3 mobile units . I was told years ago if I wanted a mobile driving simulator it would cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars depending on the types of simulators and vehicles. I have opened up a used driving simulator market which saves thousands of dollars for consumers and will do the same when you buy a used mobile unit. 

Installation: At Doron Precision Systems in Binghamton NY . All new computers installed and ready to rock! I mean educate. Already have visited 8 different classes and 2 conferences in the past 3 weeks. Thank you to Kevin Anderson ,Rich Kearney, Gabi and Barb and Lt. Kevin Geno of the Rutland Sheriffs , Youth Safety Council of Vermont James Lockridge, Governors Highway Safety Program .

We have mobile driving simulators starting at $35,000