Welcome to My Decision Driving! Our mission is to provide safe driving simulation to new and old drivers, private businesses, schools, municipalities and government agencies. Either by renting with a presenter or for purchase. The goal is to reach markets that otherwise could not afford to buy this technology new, which will help in the effort of making our communities safe for all. My Decision Driving will collaborate with any and all agencies that are like-minded and make simulation convenient, affordable and educational.

Research shows 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when the driver has just one more second to react and knows what to do with that additional second. 

About us

My Decision Driving is a privately owned and operated driving simulator business. We provide mobile classrooms equipped with state of the art Doron driving simulators that can be rented for the day, month or year. We also sell used and refurbished simulators, including Doron, FAAC, and NADS(National Advanced Driving Simulator). Our clients range from State organizations, non profits, driver educators, police and first responders.

My Decision Driving’s goal is providing simulated experiences in classroom situations which, in turn, promotes the best in decision making. Computer simulations provide a dedicated environment to assist in learning . We have mobile units for rent and a stand alone simulator studio at our headquarters in Wallingford, VT.

We are the only company in the world to offer an inventory of preowned car and truck simulators for rent or for purchase. By truly creating a used market we have now made the simulators affordable and convenient. The new simulator manufacturers do not offer used simulators for sale, as offering used products inhibits the sale of new simulators.